Passive Solutions

S.H. Goren’s passive protection systems are designed to work in the event of a lithium fire, while not requiring any user training or operation. Some work on their own when a fire occurs, while others need to be activated by the user yet without requiring any prior training.

Our passive solutions include:

CellBlockEX Insulation Material

CellBlockEX is an insulation material made of minerals and glass powder. This environmentally-friendly substance is designed to manage particularly challenging fires such as metal fires and lithium battery fires. This material comes in the form of granules and is made of recycled glass (with a few mineral additives). It is intended primarily to protect lithium batteries, especially where transport and packing are concerned.

Suffocation Effect- Covering the fire load with CellBlockEX granulate displaces oxygen and separates it from the fuel. The fire is suffocated
Cooling Effect- Due to its specific thermal capacity, CellBlockEX absorbs heat energy, thereby cooling the fire. The thermal reaction is disrupted
Isolation Effect- Like glass, CellBlockEX melts at a high temperature. The granulates absorb heat in the process of melting, cooling the fire while forming an impervious glass layer over the fire load. A reaction with oxygen is prevented. Even difficult to control metal fires (i.e., sodium or magnesium) can be extinguished with CellBlockEX
Gas Tightness- Thanks to the CellBlockEX grain shape, very dense sphere packing is achieved. The supply of oxygen is impeded by the packed bed, and the formation of combustible gases is prevented
Sorbency of Liquids- The special granulate mixture combined with the porous, and therefore especially large grain surface, effectively binds liquids
Fire Gas Filtering- Just like liquids, gases and vapors accumulate on the extremely large surface of the CellBlockEX granulate and are bound for disposal.

Personal Fire Extinguishing Kit

Anyone who has ever handled a fire probably knows that displacing Oxygen from the fire  is one of the most effective methods of smothering the fire and stopping it. This kit contains all the tools needed to handle small fires, including lithium fires.

The kit comes in two different sizes. Each kit includes:

The cases are lightweight, easily stored, and contain the tools needed in case of a small fire, allowing you to keep it under control quickly with no damage.

Fireproof Blanket

Due to its unique nature, a lithium fire cannot be smothered using regular means. Our fireproof blanket is made using a unique technology, making it suitable for withstanding the high temperature of a lithium fire, and even offer protection against sparks and explosions which may fly around during the fire. We can make blankets in different sizes, based on the user’s needs, and even brand them with the client’s logo. Blankets may be stored in offices, at home or in the car as a fire extinguishing solution.

Fire Extinguishing Pillow

This special pillow is designed for extinguishing lithium battery fires. The pillow contains CellBlockEx granules. During a fire, the outer layer of the pillow burns away, allowing the mineral granules to reach the source of the fire and contain it.

Safe Transportation Equipment

The danger involved in storing and transporting batteries unsafely has been demonstrated in a number of incidents. Without proper separation and insulation, adequate protection from environmental conditions, and suitable safety mechanisms, storing or transporting lithium batteries – either batteries in good conditions or damaged ones – may pose great danger to nearby people or property. Our packages are made of durable materials and contain the special insulation designed to withstand the extreme nature of a lithium battery fire.

Combustion Protection Case

These cases are essentially similar to storage cabinets. They serve as storage space for lithium batteries. The case serves two purposes, both protect the environment: in case a lithium fire breaks out, the fireproof case can contain the fire and prevent it from spreading outside the case. At the same time, it also protects the battery inside the case.

The case has designated flame-resistant vents meant to stop flames from breaking out of the case. The case offers a practical, easy, and convenient solution for storing and transporting batteries and for offering fire protection and insulation.

It is suitable both as an industrial solution and as a convenient household solution, and it can contain several batteries of different sizes.

Storage and Charging Cabinets

Storage and Charging Cabinets are intended to protect the space in case of a lithium fire. When batteries are stored safely inside the storage cabinet, two actions take place simultaneously – the battery can be recharged for continued operation when it is removed from the cabinet, and at the same time, if the battery burns and a lithium fire breaks out, the cabinet doors close automatically to prevent the fire from spreading. The cabinets have a built-in vent that also closes in case of fire. Our cabinets are highly versatile. They may be combined with internal charging sockets, internal lockers, a control box including a fire detection system, alarm, fire extinguisher, and more. In addition, these cabinets can be designed to fit aesthetically into the office space.