Knowledge and Training

We believe that knowledge is power. Therefore we offer a comprehensive training day conducted by senior firefighting experts who specialize in managing and resolving lithium fires.
During the training, experts discuss lithium batteries, how these fires are different, how to respond in case of a lithium fire in the organization, and what tools are available to extinguish such a fire safely.
The training may be held for groups, organizations, companies, and institutions.

Lithium Battery Training - Preparation and Emergency Management

The use of lithium batteries has increased significantly in recent years, both at home and in industry. This comes as no surprise: lithium batteries are lightweight, rechargeable batteries that can provide a large amount of energy over time.
They differ from other batteries in that they store energy longer and are suitable for cyclical use. These features make them a great fit for many products developed in these advanced technological times.
However, these batteries tend to heat up and burn spontaneously.
As these batteries become more common, so do lithium fires become more frequent, breaking out without warning in homes, institutions, and businesses.
Handling a lithium fire requires preparation and tools that are completely different than those required for a regular fire. It cannot be extinguished using common methods such as water or powder, and it may burn for a long time, and cause much damage, unless the appropriate means to extinguish it are at hand. Unfortunately, although the dangers involved in the increased use of lithium batteries, no significant change has been made in regulations or in solutions implemented for such fires. Our training is therefore offered as a response to this need.

The two-and-a-half hour training includes:

Lithium Batteries - Risks and Differences
Presenting a Real-Life Incident and Lessons Learned
How to Handle Lithium Batteries? What Are the Stages of response?
Passive | Manual | Automated
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