Immediate-response means

AVD Fire Extinguishers

Most fire regulations require businesses to keep fire extinguisher in reach.. However, standard fire extinguishers are designed to extinguish a regular fire (class A or B), and they cannot manage to extinguish a lithium battery fire. In case of a lithium fire, it is important to respond immediately in order to prevent the fire from spreading and causing additional damage, given the aggressive nature of a lithium fire.

Every business owner, organization, or company should keep AVD fire extinguishers on site in order to extinguish possible lithium fires quickly, safely, and effectively.

What Is AVD Made Of:
 AVD is made of a mineral named vermiculite – a naturally-occurring mineral.
AVD is made of fine, flat flakes which contain microscopic layers of water, allowing for a stable water distribution.
AVD is chemically and physically inert, and it releases water vapor only when exposed to high temperature. It is not toxic to people, to animals or to the environment.

FireIce Extinguishing Gel

Extinguishing gel is in fact a cooling water supplement. Due to its unique composition, it enhances the effect of water in the fire extinguishing process. The gel causes water to turn into vapor more easily, giving it more time to cool down the surface. This way the water becomes a barrier which protects the surface from the great heat caused by the combustion. The gel can be applied in many ways based on your preference: fire extinguishers, fire stations, independent firefighting units, and automated systems.