Automated Systems

The rise in the use of lithium batteries in recent years, given their innovative technology, is welcome. However it entails an unfortunate side effect – a rise in lithium fires.

These fires do not behave like regular fires, and are nearly impossible to extinguish using conventional fire extinguishing means.

As a result, when these fires aren’t handled appropriately, they can cause great damage and destruction.

For example, a lithium fire in an underground parking, in an office building or in storage spaces for items containing lithium batteries such as an electric bike, may, in the absence of a quick solution, cause tremendous damage; the burning object, such as a vehicle, may burn for hours, the risk of fire spreading increases tenfold, and when the fire takes place in an underground parking, the fire which cannot be extinguished may quickly damage the foundations of the building, leading to its collapse.

Our automated systems are based on a unique low-pressure water mist system with superior capabilities to cool down and isolate lithium fires quickly with minimal damage.

In case of a lithium fire, the water mist system addresses three main aspects of the fire – containment, cooling, and isolation.

The water mist technology turns one liter of water into two billion tiny droplets. Given the large number of droplets, the water surface coming in contact with the heat is much greater than when using regular sprinklers, resulting in fast cooling.

In addition, the tremendous amount of droplets creates an isolating “wall” between the burning area and the unaffected areas. The large cross-section of the droplets prevents heat radiation from passing into the rest of the space, thus preventing the fire from spreading and minimizing dammage.

Water mist offers many advantages, such as:

When combined with different early detection systems, the water mist system offers maximum protection, prevents casualties and damage, and protects sites with a high concentration of lithium batteries.

All our water mist systems are approved by international firefighting authorities under the strictest standards, including the international FM standard and European standards.

S.H. Goren’s Engineering Department tailors and plans solutions individually based on project needs. We will be happy to offer you a system suitable for your structure type and activity.