Preparation and Management

The Cutting Edge of Firefighting

We at S.H. Goren Firefighting and Emergency solutions specialize in the planning, development, installation, and implementation of new technologies in the field of firefighting and rescue, with particular expertise in fires caused by lithium combustion. We make great efforts to identify the best firefighting solutions, and we have at our disposal the newest and most effective technologies to resolve emergencies quickly with no casualties or damage to property. We provide comprehensive firefighting solutions designated to offer an optimal, professional response to fires, minimize damage to equipment, infrastructure, or visitors, and even prevent fires before they happen. Our solutions are all applied at the highest standards, in compliance with all international and Israeli standards, as approved by many international firefighting authorities. We will be happy to be at your service.

Comprehensive Solutions Portfolio

Given the complexity of lithium fires, we have established a specialized department which provides comprehensive, reliable, high-quality solutions in order to tailor the right solution for each client.

Lithium solutions are divided as follows:

First-response equipment
Automated systems
Passive solutions
Early detection solutions
Knowledge and training